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Books: Author or co-author of about 12 books, written in French, Norwegian and English. Topics: eco-architecture and sustainable urbanism, sustainable community development, solar energy, cooling hot cities, and religious history of Bhutan.

Reports and Consultancies: for ministries, municipalities, industry, including technical reports, pre-feasibility studies, commissions for planning and policy pieces.

Articles: Architecture and Engineering journals, Environmental magazines, etc: eco-architecture book reviews, comments to new building regulations, etc.

Research and Proceedings: Peer reviewed papers: LCA, embodied carbon, sustainable housing, urban typologies, urban heat island, energy in hot climates; proceedings from conferences and workshops organised in several countries.

Other publications: Booklets and brochures disseminating and promoting sustainable cities and architecture, community participation, eco-guides to Oslo, conservation of rainforest timber, eco-materials, natural ventilation, indoor climate.

Translations: For ministries, cultural heritage authorities, architecture competitions, etc as well as Tibetan documents related to architecture and history. French-English, Norwegian-English, English-Norwegian, Tibetan-English.