Scroll down to see a selection of Chris’ architectural and planning work. Chris was a founder member in the 1980s of the GAIA group, a pioneering network for sustainable, deep green architecture,  planning and design.


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For 35 years the GAIA network has been at the forefront of sustainable architecture and planning. With buildings, plans, research, publications and teaching in many countries, we have followed a commitment to all 3 facets of sustainability: ecology, economy and equity. GAIA’s philosophy is simply: design that is healthy for people and for the planet.

Environment, climate and sustainability have slowly become global issues. We need radical changes of thinking, technology and lifestyles. Many sustainability projects are rather superficial. GAIA distinguishes between «grey», «light green» and «deep green» solutions. GAIA is deep green.

The websites present GAIA’s projects and cutting edge skills. Follow links to websites of other GAIA International members in different countries. Contact us for green buildings, urban/rural development, energy solutions, permaculture, participation processes, inspirational education and consultancy.