Extensive undergraduate and postgraduate level teaching experience including at departments of architecture , city planning and political science, environmental institutes etc., including in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the UK, France, Spain, Bhutan, Slovenia, China.


Chris has organised  and managed conferences on sustainable building, urbanism and ecological design, often in conjunction with participatory workshops. Clients include architecture associations, ministries,, municipalities, sustainability initiatives, engineering groups, housing organisations and building industry professionals.

Study Tours

Chris organises and runs study tours, to date approximately 40. Clients have included architects, engineers, timber experts, ministries, housing groups, urbanists, ecological associations and others – visiting state of the art  projects on themes related to sustainable architecture, urbanism and construction. Destinations include the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Netherlands.


In particular with NABU, Chris has extensive experience with participatory processes both for experts and for users.  Topics include sustainable design, renewable energy systems, local planning, community sustainability, natural ventilation, indoor health, low carbon construction.